[NEW!] Andrew Paley - "Scattered Light" (Limited Color Vinyl / Download)
$7.00 - $17.00

  • [NEW!] Andrew Paley -
  • [NEW!] Andrew Paley -

[NEW!] Andrew Paley - "Scattered Light" (Limited Color Vinyl / Download)
$7.00 - $17.00

Andrew Paley's new album is being released on limited-edition splatter color vinyl in Spring of 2021 -- preorder now and receive a lossless digital download (with album art files) immediately!

The original plan was to release a limited vinyl run around some future tour, but we got so many questions that we're moving it up and doing a limited run now! The order is in, and the vinyl will be here sometime in March April/May (updated timeline coming soon, but the pressing process has been delayed by a series of factors).

Here's what other people have said about this new set of songs:
• "Fits perfectly into the zeitgeist – pop music for the heart and mind" - PrettyInNoise
• "Will likely be as relevant years from now as it is in 2020" - Scene Point Blank
• "The undisputed album of the year" - Zitronenhund
• "Reminiscent of Peter Gabriel...atmospheric and catchy" - MusicAllNew

1. Mother Mercy [Pull Down the Moon]
2. Caroline (Watch Video →)
3. Sequels (Watch Video →)
4. Back in the Valley
5. One Match Fire
6. Around the Curve
7. Dirty Jeans (Download only, not on LP)
8. Straight Through
9. Stay Safe (Watch Video →)
10. Little Deaths
11. Give Up (Watch Video →)

We're only going to put up a limited amount for preorder, so grab one now!

PS - We're also offering this as a part of some discounted bundles if you also want to grab the vinyl of Andrew's last album, "Sirens," and/or his recent split with Days N Daze while you're at it!

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