[NEW!] Andrew Paley - "Scattered Light" (Limited Color Vinyl / Download)
$7.00 - $17.00

  • [NEW!] Andrew Paley -
  • [NEW!] Andrew Paley -

[NEW!] Andrew Paley - "Scattered Light" (Limited Color Vinyl / Download)
$7.00 - $17.00

Andrew Paley's new album is being released on limited-edition splatter color vinyl come June 2021 (see update from Andrew here) -- preorder now and receive a lossless digital download (with album art files) immediately!

The original plan was to release a limited vinyl run around some future tour, but we got so many questions that we're moving it up and doing a limited run now! The order is in, and the vinyl will be here sometime in June (new estimate -- see Andrew's update at link above). THE VINYL HAS ARRIVED AND WILL START SHIPPING THE WEEK OF JUNE 28TH!

Here's what other people have said about this new set of songs:
• "Fits perfectly into the zeitgeist – pop music for the heart and mind" - PrettyInNoise
• "Will likely be as relevant years from now as it is in 2020" - Scene Point Blank
• "The undisputed album of the year" - Zitronenhund
• "Reminiscent of Peter Gabriel...atmospheric and catchy" - MusicAllNew

1. Mother Mercy [Pull Down the Moon]
2. Caroline (Watch Video →)
3. Sequels (Watch Video →)
4. Back in the Valley
5. One Match Fire
6. Around the Curve
7. Dirty Jeans (Download only, not on LP)
8. Straight Through
9. Stay Safe (Watch Video →)
10. Little Deaths
11. Give Up (Watch Video →)

We're only going to put up a limited amount for preorder, so grab one now!

PS - We're also offering this as a part of some discounted bundles if you also want to grab the vinyl of Andrew's last album, "Sirens," and/or his recent split with Days N Daze while you're at it!

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